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B13 Drum Cave

Also known as: B13; Drum Cave


Drum cave is a well known cave in Bungonia State Conservation Area. With a large walk in opening leading into an immediate startling 48m vertical abseil, the cave leaves an impression on every caver.

Detailed Guide

Register at the Park Log Book

All visitors to the Bungonia State Conservation Area are reminded to always check at the rangers station before engaging in any activities within the park.

Walking to The Cave

Parking in the carpark off the right hand side of Lookdown road, shortly after the rangers cabin, and just before the left hand turn down Adams Lookout Road (Louise Guymer caprark), follow the Green Path towards the east for about 300m. A goats trail breaks off to the right, down in to a gully. Drum cave entrance is at the bottom of this gully.

Closed for Bat Breeding Season

Drum cave is an important breeding cave for the rare Large Bent-wing Bat. As such, Drum cave is closed every year for the breeding season.

  • 2007/2008: Drum cave is closed from 5 November 2007 until 1 April 2008 [1]

Anyone found within closed caves are subject to heavy penalties.



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