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Barcoo Swamp

Barcoo Swamp
EnlargeBarcoo Swamp


A simple clearing on then Newnes Plateau alongside Galah Mountain Rd, popular among canyoners. There are no facilities at all, and it is within the state forest.

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Driving There

Drive to Zig Zag railway just off Bells Line of Road at Clarence. At the entry to Zig Zag railway car park, follow the dirt road to the right instead (it turns left and crosses the train line almost immediately) for a while until its end at a T-intersection with Glow Worm Tunnel Road. Turn right and follow Glow Worm Tunnel road north through Newnes State Forest, past where the road splits (with a rougher 4WD track running parallel to the main road on the right hand side), and keep going until the second road rejoins the main road at an intersection (Cullen Bullen GR435103). A signpost here indicates this is Galah Mountain Road - turn right here on to Galah Mountain Road, and Barcoo Swamp Campground is on the right as you enter.

The dirt road in to the campgrounds is unsealed dirt and is passable by 2wd car, although it is generally recommended to take 4wds preferably, especially after wet periods. The second half of the drive along Glow Worm Tunnel Road is usually much worse condition than the first half.

The Campsite


There are no facilities in this campground at all.

Camping Style and Cost

All camping is free, and it is possible to camp right alongside your car, car trailer or whatever.


Pets are allowed.


The area is a large flat open area with no particulart feature on site. Nearby though are numerous great walks and canyons as well as easy access to dirt biking and 4wding.


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      Barcoo Swamp
      Enlarge Barcoo Swamp

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