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Barrington River Kayaking

Barrington River - The Steps
EnlargeBarrington River - The Steps


Barrington River is a great white water river for beginner kayakers and canoers with many grade 1 and 2 rapids spread out of a stretch of 20+ km of flowing river. Depending on water volume, grade 3 rapids can be produced.

The best rapids are found in the upper Barrington section, with the lower half before the Barrington joins up with the Gloucester river having significantly fewer rapid sections.

Detailed Guide

Getting There

From Newcastle

Drive North along the Pacific Highway through Raymond Terrace and take the exit at Twelve Mile Creek, heading towards Stroud and Gloucester on The Bucketts Way. After an hour or so driving you will reach Gloucester, which is the best place to find a caravan park, and only a short drive away from the lower half of the Barrington River.

Day Trips

Lower Section

An easy short day trip with a few grade 1 rapids, though mostly flat water paddling can be easily had by parking one car in the Barrington Reserve, then driving the boats up to 'Rocky Crossing', a Causeway connecting Barrington West Road with Barrington East Road. This section can be completed in only a few hours.

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From Cobark River, Kerripit River or Rawdon Vale

For the more difficult upper section, a good launching place is from Scone Road, either into the Cobark River or the Kerripit River (although most access spots are blocked by private property). Or if you proceed along Scone road to Barrington Tops road there are another two points to access Kerripit River and Barrington River.

Paddling from any of those points down to Rocky Crossing will provide the most white water with a couple of Grade 3 rapids and quite a lot of grade 2. The whole trip is over 30km and will involve a very long day of paddling. It should only be attempted by experienced paddlers.

The day can be shortened by ending the trip at 'The Cove' instead of Rocky Crossing, which will take a couple of hours off the trip.

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Sections of the River

The Steps

The steps are a well known section of the Barrington River, covering only 50m or so, the steps consist of 4 successive small drops.


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      Barrington River - The Steps
      Enlarge Barrington River - The Steps

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