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Bonnie Vale



Bonnie Vale is an unpowered car camping campground in the Royal National with 74 camp spaces available. Bookings are essential, and require fee payment in advance. Being a national park, no pets are allowed. Facilities include: picnic tables, gas/electric barbecues, flush toilets, hot showers, drinking water, public phone.

Detailed Guide


In order to camp at Bonnie Vale, you have to ring in advance and book a space. Payment must also be completed in advance. Call: (02) 9542 0683 10:30am to 1:30pm Monday to Friday only.

Getting There

Bonnie Vale is close to the suburb of Bundeena. Access to Bundeena is via a drive through the Royal National park, entering from Sutherland, Waterfall or Otford. Alternatively, a Ferry can be caught from Cronulla to Bundeena, and then the distance to Bonnie Vale can be walked.


The campground is set up for car, trailer or caravan camping. There are no powered sites though.

The ground is typically grassy, with a lot of sand.


Being on the Port Hacking River, the tidal beach is typically quite calm for easy swimming. On weekends, it is possible to hire kayaks for paddling on the river.


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