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Bungleboori Campground

Bungleboori Camping Area
EnlargeBungleboori Camping Area
Also known as: Bungleboori Picnic Area


A simple camping area along the Glowworm Tunnel Road, Newnes Plateau. Popular among dirt bike riders and 4wders, there was a non-flush toilet here for many years, but was removed in 2011 due to repeated vandalism.

Detailed Guide

Announcements and News

  • The toilets at Bungleboori campground have been removed thanks to repeated vandalism.

Driving There

Drive to Zig Zag railway just off Bells Line of Road at Clarence. At the entry to Zig Zag railway car park, follow the dirt road to the right instead (it turns left and crosses the train line almost immediately) for a while until its end at a T-intersection with Glow Worm Tunnel Road. Turn right and a short distance later, where Beecroft Track comes in from the left, the campground on the right hand side is quite easy to find.

This Google map shows a different, longer route in via Lithgow because the connecting dirt road between Clarence and the Glowworm Tunnel Road doesn't show up on Google Maps.

The road to this point is accessible by all 2wd cars, and trailers.

The Campsite


There are picnic tables and fireplaces available. Non-flush toilets were once available, but due to vandalism, have been removed. Rubbish disposal was also available, but may not be available anymore. There is no potable water on site, nor any fresh water for treatment.

Camping Style and Cost

Car camping on flat dirt soil. Camping trailers and Caravans can be used on site, though there is no power. All camping is free.


Pets are allowed.


In the middle of a large state forest full of off road driving and dirt biking options, as well as close access to numerous canyons and walking trails.


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      Bungleboori Camping Area
      Enlarge Bungleboori Camping Area
      Bungleboori Camping Area 2
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