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Bungonia Campground

Bungonia Communcal Kitchen
EnlargeBungonia Communcal Kitchen


Bungonia State Conservation Area is a national park a few hours drive south of Sydney just off the Hume Highway. East of Goulburn, it is not far from the small town of Marulan.

Bungonia has several Canyons, numerous caves, several walking tracks, and a range of advanced rock climbing sites available, the activities available to campers in the State Conservation Area (SCA) are incredible. The NPWS office acts as a headquarters for all of these activities, with an activity log book provided for all parties to sign in and out of their activities. This is used to trigger rescue parties should any party not return within an expected time period.

Detailed Guide

Getting There

Bungonia is around 2 hours south of Sydney along the Hume Highway. Shortly after the Marulan Truck Stop there is a large sign pointing towards the Bungonia State Conservation Area, follow the signs and take the immediate right turn upon exiting the highway. Follow the road to its end, and turn left towards Bungonia (town). In Bungonia you make a short right-left turn, then follow that road all the way into the SCA. Map

Park Fees

Day trip entry into Bungonia is a $7 fee per car (Vehicles with a valid All Parks Pass or other applicable pass are exempt). Overnight camping costs $10 per adult and $5 per child during peak season, as well as the daily car fee. Off peak is $7 per adult per night, $3.50 per adult per night. Details of peak time can be found on the Bungonia State Conservation official website.

Please note: If you are a group they want you to pay on arrival for camping fees and car park use fees, you now also have to display a little receipt on one of your tents and one car.


Extensive camping grounds are available for visitors after park fees are paid for the night. Taps are scattered throughout the area, although the water is not potable. A large central 'kitchen' building is available for all visitors with hotplates to cook on and sinks for washing up.

Another nearby building houses hot showers (timed) and toilets.

Again, all water is not drinkable so campers are reminded to bring their own drinking water.


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      Bungonia Map
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      Bungonia Communcal Kitchen
      Enlarge Bungonia Communcal Kitchen
      Bungonia Communal Kitchen
      Enlarge Bungonia Communal Kitchen
      Bungonia Toilets and Showers
      Enlarge Bungonia Toilets and Showers
      Bungonia Non-Potable Water
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      Bungonia Ranger Station
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      Bungonia Map Onsite
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