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Canyons Near Sydney, Fourth Edition



Rick Jamieson's Canyons Near Sydney is well-recognised as the most commonly used guidebook for canyoning around Sydney. The guidebook is a small 88-page black and white booklet with a few photos, a couple of simple sketch maps and numerous track notes for canyons from Kanangra and Bungonia to the northern Wollemi. Perhaps half of the canyons named in the book have moderately detailed descriptions; the remainder are simply named with a grid reference, occasionally with a short descriptive sentence or two.


The first edition was published in 1993, followed by a second in 1995, third in 1998 and the most recent fourth edition published in 2001. The small book can be found in pretty much any outdoors store in NSW from ~$10. However, for extended periods during 2009 and early 2010 it has clearly been out-of-print.


As one of only two printed guides to canyons around Sydney, this book has come under a great deal of criticism [1] [2] [3], particularly from David Noble [SUBW], one of the key figures in canyon discovery and exploration since the 1970s [4].

Information Covered

There is a short introductory section covering general canyoning safety, etiquette and techniques, some rules and how the book works, and the rest of the book is essentially just track or route notes for each canyon. The detailed notes include difficulty, approximate time required, additional equipment required, map grid references and descriptions of the journey through including access trails. Throughout the book there are photographs of people in the canyons as well as a couple of the author's sketch maps showing canyon locations, access trails, roads and key buildings.

Wollangambe and Bowens Creek Canyons

  •     Joe's Canyon
  •     Wollangambe One
  •     Wollangambe Two
  •     Lower Wollangambe
  •     Upper Wollangambe
  •     Upper Upper Wollangambe
  •     Du Faur Creek
  •     Upper Du Faur Creek
  •     Bell Creek Lower Section
  •     Little Bell Canyon
  •     Bell Creek Complete
  •     Serendipity Canyon
  •     Whungee-Wheengee Canyon
  •     Scrub bash Canyon
  •     Water-Dragon Canyon
  •     Geronimo Canyon
  •     Waterfall of Moss
  •     Old Man Canyon
  •     Bowens Creek North Branch
  •     Bowens Creek North Branch, Upper Section
  •     Bowens Creek North Branch, Lower Section
  •     Bowens Creek South Branch
  •     Hobnail Canyon
  •     Upper Bowens Creek South Branch
  •     Corkscrew Canyon
  •     Hand-over-Hand Canyon
  •     Ferny Cave Canyon
  •     Marihuana Canyon
  •     Short Creek

Claustral and King George Canyons

  •     Claustral Canyon
  •     Ranon Canyon
  •     Ranon Brook Canyon
  •     Thunder Canyon
  •     Gaping Gill
  •     King George Brook, Dry Section
  •     King George Brook, Other Sections
  •     Explorers Brook
  •     David Crevasse

Katoomba Canyons

Other Katoomba Canyons

  •     Victoria Brook Canyon
  •     Upper Victoria Creek
  •     Bennet Gully
  •     Camp Cave Creek

Canyons South of The Bell Road

Newnes Forest Canyons

Hole-In-The-Wall Canyons

  •     Hole-In-The-Wall Canyon
  •     Popeye Canyon
  •     Scatters Canyon
  •     Dead Log Canyon
  •     Four Dope Canyon
  •     Deep Throat
  •     Cannon's Canyon
  •     Whip Bird Canyon
  •     Bridge Canyon
  •     Bjelke's mind
  •     Luna Park
  •     Bubble-Bath Canyon

Canyons North of Bungleboori's North Branch

  •     Banks Canyon
  •     North-East Canyon
  •     Nosedive
  •     Fortitude

Railmotor Ridge Canyons

  •     Crikey Canyon

Other Canyons Near Newnes Forest

  •     Bungleboori Creek North Branch
  •     Bungleboori Creek South Branch
  •     Gateway Canyon
  •     Dumbano Creek North Branch, Dumbano Creek South Branch (Cesspit Canyon) and Dumbano Creek (below the junction)
  •     Tunnel Canyon
  •     Yarramun Creek North Branch, Yarramun Creek South Branch and Yarramun Creek (below the junction)
  •     Scrub bash Canyon
  •     Interesting Creek
  •     Arthur's Canyon
  •     Arch Canyon
  •     Penrose Gully
  •     Constance Gorge
  •     Nayook Creek
  •     Annie Rowan Creek
  •     Quick Dip Canyon
  •     Ferny Canyon
  •     Tea-Time Canyon
  •     Four Man Canyon
  •     Harmonic Convergence Canyon
  •     Rock Hill Canyon
  •     Disappointment Canyon
  •     Sandy Cave Creek Canyon
  •     Upper Deanes Creek Canyon
  •     Spiral Canyon

Newnes (Wolgan River) Canyons

Other Newnes Canyons

  •     Freshwater Creek Canyon
  •     False Teeth Canyon
  •     Hartley's Mistake Canyon
  •     Twilight Canyon
  •     Ballrace Canyon
  •     Little Dingo Canyon
  •     Inverse Canyon
  •     Lyrebird Canyon
  •     Reverse Canyon
  •     Bull Ring Canyon

Canyons In The Northern Wollemi

  •     Midwinter Canyon
  •     Caveman Canyon
  •     Lunchtime Canyon
  •     Blackboard Canyon
  •     Mr. Squiggles
  •     Coricudgy Canyon
  •     Pinnacle Creek
  •     Blackwater Creek Canyon
  •     Snake Pit Canyon
  •     Anaconda Canyon
  •     Golgotha Canyon
  •     Greenup Canyon
  •     Slippery Log Canyon
  •     3 unnamed canyons (grid referenced)
  •     Running Stream and its tributaries

Kanangra Canyons

  •     Dione Dell
  •     Kalang Falls
  •     Kanangra Main
  •     Danae Brook
  •     Carra Beanga Falls
  •     Davies Canyon
  •     Upper Kowmung Gorge
  •     Wheengee-Whungee Creek
  •     Middle Christys Creek
  •     Arabanoo Creek
  •     Bindook Chasm
  •     Thurat Rift
  •     Jenolan Canyon - Hellgate and Lower Jenolan Canyons
  •     Doris Creek
  •     Whalania Creek
  •     Ti Willa Creek
  •     Matheson Creek
  •     Gingra Creek Upper Section

Bungonia Canyons

  •     Jarrara Creek
  •     Bungonia Creek
  •     Spring Creek
  •     Long Gully


  •     Minamurra Falls

Barrington Tops

  •     Williams River Canyon
  •     Paterson Gorge
  •     Gloucester Gorge
  •     Upper Allyn River

Near Coffs Harbour

  •     Bangalore Creek Canyon
  •     Urumbilum River Canyon
  •     Wayper Creek Canyon

Canyons In The New England Tablelands

  •     Styx River
  •     Chandler River
  •     Nolan's Backwater
  •     Aberfoyle River

Canyons Near Brisbane

  •     Burnett Creek Canyon
  •     Black Canyon
  •     Coomera Gorge
  •     Long Creek Canyon

There is also very brief mention of canyoning regions in other states: Carnavon Gorge (QLD), Hammersley Ranges (WA) and the Bungle Bungles (WA).

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