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Coachwood Camping Area

Coachwood Camping Area Entrance
EnlargeCoachwood Camping Area Entrance


Coachwood Camping area, in Chichester State Forest, is a small clearing on the Telegherry River opposite Frying Pan Camping Area. It is free to camp there, and on a first come first served basis (no bookings). There are garbage bins, non-flush toilets and fire pits available, though there is no potable water. Pets are allowed. 2WD accessible..

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Driving There

From Stroud Hill Road (east of Dungog, west of Stroud Road) head north along Main Creek Road, following the signs towards "Frying Pan Forest Park" - this Google Map provides accurate directions all the way to the campsite area, but messes up the road at the campsite. Coachwood entry road forks off to the right, just before Frying Pan Camping Area. It is clearly signposted.

Early January 2012 had a "Road Closed" sign for the road continuing on past this coachwood turnoff, but the road was fine.

The Campsite


There are rubbish bins, fireplaces and non-flush toilets available. There is no potable water though.

Camping Style and Cost

Car camping on flat lawn. Camping trailers can be used on site, though the road in can be quite challenging in places. All camping is free.


Pets are allowed.


Cool, rainforest setting with a nice grass covering right next to a freshwater stream with a lagoon to swim in above a great 'rapids' section for kids to float down on inner tubes and airbeds. Dirt bikes are also not allowed in Coachwood Camping Area, so it tends to be a bit quieter than Frying Pan Creek Campground.


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      Coachwood Camping Area Entrance
      Enlarge Coachwood Camping Area Entrance
      Coachwood Swimming Hole
      Enlarge Coachwood Swimming Hole
      Coachwoof Camping Area
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      Coachwood Toilets
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