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Era Surf Beaches

North Era Beach
EnlargeNorth Era Beach
Also known as: North Era; South Era


The two surf Beaches, North Era and South Era are (mostly) unpatrolled surf beaches in the Royal National Park, accessible only by walking from Garie Beach, or Garrawarra Farm

Detailed Guide

Getting There

Either drive to Garie beach, and walk south around or over the cliffs to get to North Era, or drive to Garrawarra Farm parking area, and walk down the hill to South or North Era. Either route will take around 30-45min.


North Era has a campground on it, and is patrolled on Sundays in summer. South Era has a large settlement of old shacks from the depression, passed down through a few generations. These are all set to be destroyed over the coming decades, but in the meantime, South Era enjoys a local community atmosphere thanks to the regular family holiday destination of the shack owners.


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      North Era Beach
      Enlarge North Era Beach
      Era Beaches
      Enlarge Era Beaches

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