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Nightmare Canyon



Nightmare Canyon is situated between Pipeline and Devils Pinch Canyons. 7+ abseils, including a 32m final into a pool. Wet canyon only to waist.


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Getting There and Back


Walking In

Head up the pipeline track, as per Pipeline, Devils Pinch and Newnes (Starlight) Canyons. 

The Canyon

Drop into the canyon from the eastern side after a small scrubby waterfall and a scramble down the western side of the waterfall.

First abseil is a 8m drop. All other abseils are very closely spaced.

Walking Out

Walk along the bottom of the cliffline (keeping a high route if possible) past the exit of Pipeline Canyon, and across the final gully back onto the Pipeline Track. You will meet the track near where you previously began the long climb up the gully.

Example Timings

6hrs.     Group of 2. 1 exp & 1 beg. Very leasurely pace including lunch and lookout stop.



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