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North Bowens Lower

Also known as: Gobsmacker


Just a test entry so far.

Detailed Guide

Current News and Announcements

<Date stamped updates and news about this Canyon  which people should know about>

Getting There and Back

<How do you get to the Canyon area? What options are available, how long does it take and are there any important tricks you need to know?>

Walking In

<Go into details explaining how to get from the parked car, to the start of the canyon. Give as many alternate routes as you know exist and can describe, and include images where possible.>

The Canyon

<Describe how to proceed through the canyon. What stand out features are to be expected - note jump ins, abseils, slides, hand over hands etc. Try to include estimates for times. How long does it take to walk to the first abseil for example. How far is the last abseil from the end of the canyon, etc.>

Walking Out

<Same as Walking in, but how to get out from the bottom of the canyon back to the car park spot>

Example Timings

<Use this section to describe your group size, experience and pace through the canyon, and state how long the canyon took you from car to car. If you have more details (time to walk in, time in canyon, time to walk out etc) then provide them)>

<Are there other guide articles for this Canyon online? Other pages which provide information relevant to this Canyon?>


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Items on this layer are the main items of interest for this article, e.g. hiking trail, lookout point.

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    Items on this layer are secondary to the main items of interest, e.g. alternative routes, or entry/exit tracks.

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