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Punchbowl cave

Cave entrance
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Punchbowl cave is one of four public wild caves around Wee Jasper. The cave has several levels, with numerous chambers and passages. It is a part of a larger cave system, also consisting of the Signature and Dogleg caves. Exploring past the entrance chamber of the cave requires abseiling.



Detailed Guide


Getting there

From Canberra, follow driving directions to Wee Jasper. Once you arrive at Wee Jasper, drive accross the bridge, through the town and turn left at the T-intersection following Wee Jasper Rd towards towards Tumut. Drive for about 3.5Km until you arrive at the next T-intersection with Nottingham Rd going of to the left and Wee Jasper Rd going towards Tumut to the right. Turn Right here, and then after about 50m turn left into the walking track camping area. Drive through to the other side of the camping area until you reach the Carpark at beginning of the walking track.

From the Carpark, follow the walking track up the hill. After about 100m you will pass an entrance to Dogleg cave on your right, continue up the hill and over the fence. After a few minutes of walking you will pass a small hole in the ground just too the left of the trail. This is a small cave consisting of one chamber which also has another entrance about 20m further down the trail. Continue past and just up the hill and around a right you will see the entrance to signature cave labbelled as WJ7. Continue past this and up the steep hill, shortly you get to the large Punchbowl cave Entrance directly infront of you.


The cave

The entrance 'Antechamber' can be explored without abseiling, but the majority of the cave is past the pitch chamber which requires about a 25m abseil. The entrance to the pitch chamber is fairly obvious as the floor slopes away into a vertical drop and there is a large column just back from the ledge which can be used as an anchor. At the bottom of the pitch there are many passages and chambers to explore and a cave guide is reccomended for navigation. The cave also has a population of Eastern Horseshoe bats in some of the further in chambers.


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      Cave entrance
      Enlarge Cave entrance

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