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Temple of Doom Campsite

Temple of Doom Cave
EnlargeTemple of Doom Cave


More a clearing, the Temple of Doom area has some incredible rock pagoda formations and a cave you could camp in (though it is very open to the elements) and is found just off to the side of the Blackfellows Hand Trail 4wd track.

Zero facilities, free to camp, 4wd access only, bring your own water, dogs allowed. Room for only a few tents at most.

Actual name of this site is not certain....verification is required - the only reference I can find to it online is on this article:


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      Temple of Doom Cave
      Enlarge Temple of Doom Cave
      Temple of Doom Cave2
      Enlarge Temple of Doom Cave2
      Temple of Doom Area
      Enlarge Temple of Doom Area
      Temple of Doom Area2
      Enlarge Temple of Doom Area2
      Temple of Doom Cave3
      Enlarge Temple of Doom Cave3

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