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The Coast Track, Royal National Park

Also known as: The Coast Walk, Royal National Park


The Coast Track is a 26km walking track spanning the entire east coast of the Royal National Park from Bundeena at its northern tip, down to Otford at its southern tip. It is well marked and the track is accessible to pretty much anyone. While the 26km may be easily walked in one day by an experienced walker, the track is designed to be an overnight hike with camping sites at North Era and Wattamolla (camping permits required). With 7 beaches along the track and Wattamolla lagoon to swim at, the two day hike has the obvious advantage of plenty of time for swimming and enjoying the constantly varying environments.

It is easily accessed by Public Transport, and best done from Bundeena to Otford when using public transport. Catch a Train to Cronulla, then catch a Ferry from Cronulla to Bundeena. Walk from Bundeena to Otford then catch a train from Otford back home.

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If hiking overnight you will need to purchase camping permits. Camp grounds are at North Era and Providential Point. North Era has 20 spaces, and is the better camp grounds for walkers heading from Bundeena to Otford as it only leaves a short 8km walk on the second day. Providential point can only be used by official tour guides with licenses to camp there.

To purchase your camping permit, call (02) 9542 0683 from 10:30am to 1:30pm only. A permit costs $5 per adult per night, or $3 per child. A credit card is required to make the purchase over the phone.

Getting there and home again

Public transport is best, otherwise you will need to leave a car at one end and then drive a second car to the other end so that you have a way of getting out. Either end has a car park right at the end of the track. See car park spots on the map: Google Map

When using public transport, walking Bundeena to Otford (North to South) is the best option simply because the Ferry service from Bundeena stops at around 6:30pm and it can also be cancelled if there is a large swell. The last thing you want at the end of a tiring hike is to find yourself stranded for an extra night with no way of getting home. So using public transport, catch a train to Cronulla, walk down to the tunnel under the train line and then down to the Ferry.

Ferry fare is $5.30 per adult, or $2.70 for children or concession. Train fares vary, use this fare calculator to see how much your tickets will cost.

The Hike

The Coast Track is approximately 26km and can be walked in either direction - Northbound or Southbound.

Heading southbound from Bundeena you have approximately 6km of cliff top walking before reaching the Big Marley and Little Marley beaches. Another 4.5km or so and you will reach the Wattamolla Lagoon where there is sealed road access and family picnic areas. Wattamolla has a camp ground at Providential Point, which is the recommended camping site for northbound walkers - a paid permit is required to camp here.

Garie is approximately 6.5km south of Wattamolla, where there is once again sealed road access to the patrolled surf beach. Just past the headlands south of Garie is North Era, which is the recommended camp grounds for Southbound walkers - a paid permit is also required to camp here.

There is only 9km from Garie to Otford, and the end of the hike. If using public transport, simply follow the road for a couple of hundred meters and turn right down the very steep Beaumont Road which will take you straight to Otford train station.

  • Bundeena to Marley = 6km
  • Marley to Wattamolla = 4.5km
  • Wattamolla to Garie = 6.5km
  • Garie to Otford = 9km


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