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Warri Reserve Camping Area



Warri Reserve is a dog friendly, free, riverside camp ground and picnic area with rubbish bins and toilet facilities. Found about 13km north west of Braidwood (Map).

Detailed Guide

There is no fee to camp at Warri Reserve, and no indication that pets are not allowed. It is just off the side of Kings Hwy and so the sound of cars and trucks driving past is an inconvenience, but the river down on the sandy bank more than makes up for it. The ground is mostly sandy with occasional spatterings of long grass. For camping on the ground is not ideal, but the location seems very popular for camper vans and motor homes.

Fire places are present, bins are provided and flowing water is available to rinse your hands at the toilets - however the flowing water is untreated. There are several covered picnic tables.

The campground is accessible in any type of vehicle.


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