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Wattamolla is a popular picnic area, lagoon and beach in the Royal National Park. (Google Map and Satellite photo)

There is a large parking area (although it will often reach capacity over weekends and on public holidays), a large grass area above the cliffline, and a large sand area and beach down by the ocean. The grass area has picnic tables, the lagoon is great for swimming, the beach is calm and protected from large surf, there is a cliff above the lagoon which you are not allowed to jump off, and there are rocks nearby easily accessible for rock fishing. There is also a camp ground, although it is reserved exclusively for hikers walking the coast track - it is not for car camping or any other form of long term camping.

Detailed Guide

Picnic Area

There are picnic tables, public toilets, and a canteen open on busy days(?).

Can someone please verify the number of picnic tables, and whether there are hotplates for cooking etc.


The lagoon provides a large beautiful swimming area of calm water with large shallow areas and deep areas under the cliff line. The cliff has been fenced off and signs posted to detour people from jumping from the cliff (~7m). The beach is protected from large surf, and rarely sees large waves.

Camp Grounds

There is no longer camping permitted at Providential Point  unless you have organised a paid tour by a commercial operator licenced to do so in the park.


Rock fishing is very popular down from Providential Point.


The Coast Walk passes through Wattamolla and short walks in either direction along the Coast Track will take you to interesting views and scenery. A few kilometres to the south will take you to Curracurrong, Curracurrang and Eagle Rock.


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