If you would like to speak to someone at Immortal Outdoors about our objectives, you can contact Shane at:


+61 413 295 020

General Information About Immortal Outdoors:

  • Originally launched as TDMSKP.com.au at the end of 2007 to experiment and test the ideas of creating a complete guidebook to all outdoor sports through media wiki.
  • Immortal Outdoors started development in May 2011, still in pre-release to this date.
  • Shane Greenup is the sole founder of Immortal Outdoors, working with Digerati to develop the current website.
  • Start-up Chile accepted Shane Greenup and Immortal Outdoors in to their program on the 2nd of November 2011. Immortal Outdoors will be moving to Chile for six months from March 28 2012 to continue it's development, growth, and global impact.